Your Change Management Guide to PMP Exam with PMBOK Guide 5

PMI has released PMBOK Guide 5th Edition in the beginning of 2013. However, until July 31, 2013 the PMP examination will NOT be based on this new PMBOK Guide. The examination will continue to be based on PMBOK Guide 4th Edition, released back in 2008. Starting July 31, 2013 PMI will revise the examination to align with the new PMBOK Guide 5.

As a project manager, this is high time you think about the change management. This is the time to plan your exam preparation and scheduling if you are going to take the PMP examination in next few months.

PMP Exam Change

If you are planning to take the PMP exam BEFORE July 31,2013…

Practically nothing changes for you. You need to use the 4th edition of PMBOK Guide and all study materials and preparation courses based on PMBOK Guide 4th edition. But, now ( June-July, 2013) it is time when most of the training and study material providers start releasing their updated versions of the material aligning with PMBOK Guide 5. You SHOULD NOT use them. Make sure you always use the study aids and trainings based on PMBOK Guide 4th edition.

If you are planning to take the PMP exam AFTER July 31,2013…

What does not change?

  • Qualification and prerequisite to apply for the PMP exam does not change. You don’t have to time the exam based on your qualification.
  • Application process to apply for the PMP exam doesn’t change.
  • PMP examination fee will not change with the new exam
  • PMI has not mentioned anything about the change in PPM exam pattern

What changes and what you need to do

  • PMBOK Guide: The reference book for the PMP exam will change starting July 31, 2013. If you are planning to appear for the exam after that date,  DO NOT use PMBOK Guide 4th edition, instead use PMBOK Guide 5th Edition
  • All  PMP Exam Training Courses: Training providers are in the process of updating their training materials now. But,  not many have released their revised training materials based on PMBOK Guide 5th edition as we write this guide. Please make sure you use revised training materials for your preparation. If you have recently purchased training course based on PMBOK Guide 4th addition you may be eligible for free update when they release new version.  Check with the training providers if they can provide you new training material free of cost based on your recent purchase.

For example PM Prepcast has come up with the following pricing policy when they release new version of Prepcast by end of June 2013

      • Free upgrade for purchases between May-July 2013.
      • A $29 upgrade fee for purchases from January to April 2013.
  • All Study Materials and Practice Exams: They are bound to change with new PMBOK Guide. Again, you make sure to use the new version of the books, formula guides, exam simulators etc for your exam preparation. Here too, you can check with you seller if you are eligible for free or discounted upgrade.

For Example new PMP Exam Simulator will be available with the following discount policy

        • Free upgrade for purchases between May-July 2013.
        • A $9.99 upgrade fee for purchases made between January to April 2013.

Avoid the stabilization phase

The first few weeks after PMI switches over to the new exam, there could be some uncertainties around the questions, reporting etc. It is recommended not to take the exam during that period to avoid you becoming a guinea pig for this change. It is better to avoid second half of July ( everyone will be rushing to take the exam using PMBOK Guide 4 and you may not get the seats etc) and first half of August ( when you don’t have must history to learn from) for taking the exam.

Closely watch PMP Exam discussion forums and mail groups

When it comes to feedback on the new exam, these are your best friends. Here you will get early clue on the new exam. The people who have taken the new exam will be sharing their experience and discussing their lessons learned in these platforms. Use them and get tips for your PMP exam preparation.

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