PMP Exam Prep: Dos-n-Don’ts

PMP Certification process involves understanding complex concepts, absorbing lot of information, remembering some key data and sequences and effectively using them all in the examination. If you fail in any one of them, you will get lost in the process and it will be hard to pass the exam.

I have put together some key points to consider during PMP certification process. The Dos and Don’ts listed below will give you some direction to become a PMP


  • Fill in the PMP application form correctly

Rework is painful.

  • Take the PMP exam seriously

Becoming a PMP is not a joke.

  • Commit the time PMP preparation demands

Be prepared to spend 10-15 hours/week for 3-4 months.

  • Become a PMI member

You can save on exam fees if not anything more.

  • Schedule the exam BEFORE starting the preparation

Or else you will be chasing a moving target.

  • Read PMBOK® Guide

It may be dry and boring. But that is essential.

  • Take as many PMP practice exams as you can

Practice makes man( or woman) perfect!

  • Time your practice exams

Helps you know where you stand.

  • Visit the exam center once before

That is one less “unknown” for the exam day.

  • Remember all the formula

Comes handy for many questions.

  • Take a brain dump in the beginning of the exam

Gives you a big relief.

  • Read every given answer

You need to choose the “most correct” one.


  • Give up

PMP is tough but not impossible.

  • Procrastinate and postpone

There is no right time except now.

  • Read yoo many Books

They all talk the same stuff. Get the concepts right.

  • Leave any question unanswered

There is no negative marking in the exam.

  • Take too many breaks in the exam

You are losing time.



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