How to Benefit the Most from PMP Practice Exams

Taking PMP practice exams is the MOST critical part of your study. Take as much practice tests as you can. This will only help you do better in the exam. Once you study some book or topic or listen to an audio, it is very good idea to test yourself on that. Take some practice exams in that area and check how you did. While there are some free practice tests available online, I would highly recommend using at-least one good commercially available practice exam. They are more exhaustive, flexible and come with answers and explanation to the answers as well. You can find some  free and premium practice exams in the practice exam section.

Go through answer explanations

After taking the PMP practice exam, evaluate to see which questions you answered incorrectly. For those questions look at the right answer and also understand why that answer is right and what misunderstanding made you chose some other answer. It is not about just that question,  it is about your understanding of that topic. So, carefully go through the explanation for the right answer. This is where you benefit the most from practice tests. If time permits, go through the explanations provided for answers to other questions too. Even though you answered them correctly, going through the explanation will give you in-depth reasoning behind the answer.

Don’t repeat same PMP practice exam

Preferably don’t take many exams from the same practice exam bundle. Many times you will know the answer from memory. Even though the exam simulators randomize questions, beyond three times you pretty much know the questions when you see them. It doesn’t add much value. So, try practice questions from different sources. Even if you pay for them, trust me that’s where the bang for the bucks is.

Time the exam

Timing your practice exams is another important part. Try to answer certain number of practice questions (50, 100, 200) together and time your pace. This will give you an idea of how fast you are answering the questions.  Before you take the real PMP exam, take at least three full length (200 questions) practice exams and time them.

Test by topic

Take some practice tests based on specific topic only. In that test you will be answering all questions from same area. This will point out  your strong and weak areas. You can set your study focus accordingly.

Check your readiness

One of the commonly asked questions is that when will I know, if I am ready to take the exam. While there is no definite answer, practice exam results could help. If you consistently score about 80-85% in three  full length, simulated practice exams that should give you a good confidence level to take the real PMP exam.

Not all practice exams are made equal

There are lot of free practice exams available online. Be careful when you rely on any of them. Sometimes it is hard to verify the correctness of answers. Even though we have listed several free practice exams, it is highly recommended that you do your due diligence before spending time on any free practice exam.


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