How Much Does The PMP Certification Cost?

Lot of times people ask me this question:  How much does the PMP Certification Cost?
Well, I cannot give you one number, because it could vary from person to person based on the books and study materials they purchase.

PMP Certification Cost would include the following:

PMP Certification Cost

  • PMI membership fee
  • PMP exam application fee
  • 35 contact hour training cost
  • Books and other training material cost


So, instead of answering the question with a single number, I tried  to give possible cost components for the PMP Certification with and without PMI membership.

Cost ComponentWith PMI MembershipWithout PMI MembershipRemarks
USD 919.00USD 990.00
PMI Annual Membership FeeUSD 129.000Your PMP exam fee discount is more than the membership fee
One time fee for new membersUSD 10.000
PMP Exam FeeUSD 405.00USD 555.00Huge discount for MPI members!
PMBOK Guide0USD 60.00You get free electronic copy of the PMBOK Guide with your membership
35 Contact Hour TrainingUSD 200.00USD 200.00You can get good 35 contact hour trainings from R.E.Ps online for about USD 200.00
Additional PMP Preparation BookUSD 75.00USD 75.00This cost may vary. I have given an approximate cost here
One Exam Simulation SoftwareUSD 100.00USD 100.00A Good simulator will cost about 100 bucks


Note: You can maintain and renew your PMI membership and PMP credentials independent of the other. You don’t need to be a PMI member to become a PMP and vice-a-verse. Of course there will be cost difference based on your membership status as mentioned in the table above.

Other than the generic cost mentioned in the table above there could be other costs based on your situation. These are not common. Hence I have mentioned them separately.

Travel and Accommodation Cost:

If your prometric examination center is not in the same city where you live, you may incur additional travel and accommodation costs. That will vary from person to person.

PMP Exam Rescheduling Cost:

  • If you Cancel or re-schedule your exam 31 or more days from the exam date there is NO fee.
  • If you cancel or re-schedule your exam within 30 days to 3 days prior to the exam there will be a USD 70.00 fee charged.
  • If you cancel the exam within 2 days of the exam you forfeit entire exam fee. In this case there is no option to re schedule the exam.

PMP Re Examination Fee:

God forbid, if you fail in the PMP exam, you still have two more attempts to take the exam and pass it within one year of the eligibility period.
The re-examination fee is as follows:

  •     USD 275.00 for PMI members.
  •     USD 375.00 for non PMI members.

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