How I earned my PMP CCR PDUs for Free!

I am happy to announce that last week I earned enough PDUs needed to meet the PMI CCR and renewed my PMP credential.  I am going to be a  PMP for three more years 🙂  As you may already know, once you earn your PMP credential you need to meet some PMI Continuing Certification Requirements (CCRs) to maintain your PMP credential. As a PMP, you are required to collect 60 PDUs during the three year CCR cycle. There are several ways to earn these PDUs. You can refer to PMI Website for details on PDU categories, limitations etc.

In this article I am going to show you how I earned my required 60 PDUs for absolutely free. Only thing I spent was my time! But that was well spent.
After some research I found some good websites that offer free webinars and podcasts that let you earn PDUs. As a project management practitioner I earned 5 PDUs per year. That amounts to 15 PDUs per CCR cycle which is three years. That left me with 45 more PDUs to go.

I collected these PDUs mainly from three sources. They are all free. More importantly, they are very relevant and informative. For your benefit I have listed them below. If you are looking for PMP CCR PDUs, just tap into these resources and earn your PDUs for free.

1. Project Management Podcast:

This is an excellent resource for earning the PDUs by listening to podcasts on project management related topics. This includes, interviews with industry experts, group discussions, book reviews etc. Mr. Cornelius Fichtner, PMP does an amazing job in conducting these podcasts. I enjoyed them more than just earning the PDUs from them.

The current and older episodes of this podcast can be found here.  I earned totally 18 category C PDUs from this podcast series. You can use up to 30 PDUs from category C, all of which could be easily earned by listening to this podcast.

2. Project Management Book Store:

This site offers live webinars for free. All that you need to do is to register and watch the webinars. Each webinar earns you one category B PDU. Good thing about the project management bookstore is that, all previous webinars are recorded and available in their website. One can use up to 30 PDUs from category B for PMP credential renewal.  As I write this post, there are 26 recorded webinars available in this site.

3. PDU for Lunch:

This website hosts very good webinars time to time. The website currently has five recorded webinars available. You can find them here. Watching these webinars live gives you one category B PDU per webinar. Watching the recorded version gives one category C PDU per webinar. They are all very interesting webinars.

That’s it. This is all you need.

15 PDUs  from professional experience
30 PDUs from Project Management Podcast ( Category C)
26 PDUs from Project Management Bookstore ( Category B)
05 PDUs from PDU for Lunch ( Category B/C)

Totally 76 PDUs can be earned for free.

In fact, you got more than what you need.

One bit of advice at the end. Like anything else, these do take time. So, put together a plan and track you progress. That will really help reaching your goal well on time. If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

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