Free PMP Practice Tests

Taking practice exams is crucial part of the PMP exam preparation. These free PMP practice tests will help you to get an idea of kind of questions to expect in the PMP exam. By taking more practice exams, you can master the art of reading the questions, understanding them and evaluating given answers to pick the best answer.

Remember, in the PMP exam, most important thing is to break the question into pieces and understand what the question is exactly asking. Then you have to look at each answer carefully and determine the best choice.  Lot of questions in the PMP exam are situational questions. Taking these practice questions help you to master the art of analyzing them quickly.

Important Tip: Read ALL the answers before answering the question. It is helpful to read the answers bottom up instead of top down.

Free PMP Practice Tests

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Premium PMP Practice Tests

The free practice exams listed above are a good starting point to get an idea of questions in the  PMP examination. The premium exams listed below give you  much more exhaustive list of questions with comprehensive solution analysis and descriptions. By practicing with some of these premium mock exams, you can prepare much more thoroughly and pass the PMP exam with flying colors.

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PMP Exam Simulator, 6,000 Questions Based On PMBOK 4th Edition

PM FASTrack: PMP Exam Simulation Software: Version 5.2

PM Fastrack Exam Simulation Software for the PMP Exam: Version 6

PMP Exam Success Series: 3500 Question Exam Simulation

PMP Exam Quicklet: Project Management Professional Practice Exams

PMP Exam Prep Questions, Answers, & Explanations