Here are the answers to some of the commonly asked questions related to the PMP Certification. If you have questions that are not answered here, be it on PMP exam, PMP practice tests or PMP study guides,  please write to us. We will make all the effort to include them here for you and other PMP aspirants.


What is PMP?

PMP stands for Project Management Professional. This is a certification offered by PMI, upon meeting specified requirements and passing the PMP examination. The certification program is designed to objectively assess and certify project managers that study the project management methodologies and demonstrate high level of competence is running the projects end to end, based on the principles outlined in PMI PMBOK guide.

Why do I have to become a PMP?

PMP certification is well recognized credential in the industry. It indicates successful demonstration, thorough understanding and application of standard project management methodologies. Many companies have made it mandatory to have PMP certification to run their project. Having a PMP certification gives you an edge over others in the industry. You can find  here top 1o reasons to earn PMP certification.

Who administers PMP Certification?

PMP certification program is offered and administered by Project Management Institute(PMI). PMI is a global organization that defines the standards, conducts the examination and offers and tracks the certification.

Can anyone apply for PMP certification?

No, there are certain prerequisites to apply for PMP Certification. Anyone that meets the following prerequisites are eligible to apply for PMP certification.

  • High school diploma, with 5 years of project management experience and 35 hours of project management education.
  • Bachelor’s degree, with 3 years of project management experience and 35 hours of project management education.

For more details about PMP eligibility, refer to the PMP Hand Book.

What is PMBOK Guide?

Project Management Body of Knowledge or PMBOK Guide is a project management guide created and published by the PMI. The guide defines project management methodologies for various types of projects and outlines processes in each phase of the project. PMBOK Guide is an internationally recognized standard in project management. From a PMP certification perspective, PMBOK Guide is the syllabus for the examination. Currently PMI is using 4th edition of PMBOK Guide as the reference for PMP examination.

Do I have to be a PMI member to become a PMP?

No, you can apply for PMP certification without being a PMI member. However, PMI members get a discount on PMP exam fee. The discount is more than the PMI membership fee. Spending $119 on PMI membership will save you $150 in PMP exam fee.

How much does it cost to become PMP?

PMP examination fee is $555. But PMI members get a discounted rate of $405. 35 contact hour classes and study materials are NOT covered in this cost.

Who administers PMP exams?

PMP exams are administered by Prometric centers. When you schedule the exam, you will be asked to choose the Prometric center that is convenient to you.

How many questions are there in PMP exam?

In the PMP exam there will be totally 200 questions. Out of them 25 questions are pretest questions that are not used for evaluation. However, you will not know which questions are pretest questions. You should answer all 200 questions in the exam. You must correctly answer minimum 106 questions from 175 test questions (25 pretest questions are not counted) to pass the PMP exam.

How long is the PMP exam?

PMP exam is for four hours. During the exam, you can take as many breaks as you wish. But, the time will run during the break also.

What is the format of PMP exam?

PMP examination has multiple choice questions.  Each question has one right answer.  Questions come in different flavors such as application of formula, direct questions based on ITTOs or situational questions. There is no negative marking in the examination. So, if you run out of time, it is advisable to mark all questions instead of leaving them out. Passing score for the examination is 106.

When will I know the result of my PMP exam?

Once you submit the answer at the end of the examination, exam result will be displayed right on the computer screen. Before you leave the exam room you will know the result.

What is the validity of PMP certification?

PMP certification is valid for three years once you become a PMP. You need to participate in Continuing Certification Requirement (CCR)program and earn PDUs to maintain your credentials. More details on CCR can be found in PMI website.