I am a Project Management Practitioner with a PMP certification. I attained my certification few years ago. When I was studying for the exam, I found internet to be  the best source of information to prepare for the exam. However, information and resources were spread over the net and it was hard to find them all in one place.  I always wished  if there was one source where I could find everything I needed to pass the PMP exam. I didn’t find any.

After getting my PMP certification, I thought, why not fill the gap and start a web site which will be  a one stop shop for all PMP exam related resources. With that intent, PMP Exam Academy was born.

I search the Internet regularly and bring in lots and lots of free resources and study aids for your PMP exam preparation. If this site can help PMP aspirants in preparing for their exam I will be happy. There is lot of room to grow.

You can help me in helping others too. If you find any good online resource to prepare for PMP certification, please pass the info through this link. I will review and include it in this website.

Your friend @ PMP Exam Academy