A Step by Step Guide to Clear the PMP Application Audit

You have carefully filled the PMP application form… Meticulously documented your project experience… Included all supporting documents and submitted it online. The PMI has reviewed your application and you are happy. Now, you go ahead and make the payment.  Duh..!!!! you are selected for a PMP application audit! Suddenly you get a feeling of heart attack and you panic without knowing what to do next, almost losing the hope of becoming a PMP.

Well… many PMP exam applicants feel this when their application is picked for an audit. They think that is end of the world and start worrying about clearing the audit. some even start suspecting the authenticity of their own project experience. But it doesn’t have to be that way. As long as you know PMI’s motive behind the audit, actual audit process and your experience claims are real, you can easily clear the audit and appear for the exam.

I can tell this to you with authority, since I have been there and done that. My PMP application was picked for an audit. So, I am sharing this from my personal experience.

Keeping reading to know all about handling PMP application audit.

Why were you picked for PMP application audit?

Well, PMI didn’t pick “your” application. Their system randomly picked an application that happened to be yours. It doesn’t mean that PMI reviewed your documentation, became suspicious and chose to audit. It doesn’t work that way.  In order to maintain the high standard of the PMP certification, PMI has chosen to randomly audit certain percentage of the applications and verify the authenticity of the documents submitted and experience claimed.

What is the requirement for the audit?

If your application is chosen for audit, PMI will send you a package( electronic form) with detailed instructions. But for the quick reference, this is what PMI wants to verify.

  1. Your project management experience
  2. 35 Contact hours of project management education
  3. Formal education

You will have sixty days to provide the necessary proof to verify these credentials and clear the audit.

How to fulfill the PMP application audit requirements?

When your application is selected for an audit, you will receive an email from the PMI, that looks like this.

PMP Application Audit

Following the instructions you will be able to download necessary forms. Generally there will be an audit instruction document and a project management audit report form. The audit instruction document will have all the details related to the audit.

Verifying the project experience

A manager, supervisor, or colleague with first hand knowledge of the experience on your application need to review the experience you mentioned, sign the audit report form with their name and contact information and put it in a sealed envelope. They are required to sign their name on the sealed flap of the envelope. You can collect this envelope from them and mail it to PMI. No scanned or faxed copies will be accepted.

Verifying the 35 Contact hours of education

When you take the training, you will receive a certificate from the education provider indicating that you have fulfilled 35 contact hours of project management education. Include that certificate as proof of course completion.

Verifying the formal education

Include the certificate or diploma or transcript from the school for your highest attained degree.

Once you have the three verification documents ready, mail them to the PMI office address mentioned in the mail you received. Once they review the evidence and verify your qualifications, you will receive an email from PMI that you have cleared the audit.

See Sample email below.

At this point you are back on track to pursue your PMP dream.

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